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We will help you resolve your situation by implementing proven strategies from our experienced attorneys to get the outcome you deserve.


Why Hire The Nice Law Firm?


We have more than 30 years helping clients with a variety of legal matters.


We have earned a variety of awards and reviews from clients and peers alike.


We have secured  millions of dollars for our clients.

Client Focused

We put the client and their needs first.  We are committed to outstanding service.

Lasting Relationships

We are here for you long term throughout all of life’s legal challenges.

Effective Communication

We provide regular updates to our clients and respond promptly to emails and phone calls.

Have Questions?

We respect your email privacy

Not sure if you have a case?  Not sure what your rights are?
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We Are Easy To Work With

Save Time

We offer same day initial consultations with our experienced attorneys.   And, thanks to technology, there is no office visit necessary.  If necessary, we can come to you.  Don’t wait any longer.  Talk to us today!

Affordable Rates

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service at rates that are fair and affordable.  We also use paralegals when appropriate to save you money.  For your convenience, we accept most major credit and debit cards, which you can pay securely online or by simply calling us.

Have Questions?

Do you have questions or need guidance?  Are you not sure how the process works, what to expect or if you even need an attorney?  No problem! Simply schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys now.

Bob Nice Martinsville LawyerOur Service Commitment To You

I was told the following story by an old lawyer when I was a young lawyer:

Bob, a client will never really know if you’re a good attorney in the way you think of being a good attorney – education, experience, written and oral advocacy — simply because they are not an attorney.  What they do know, and what they will judge you by, are these three things:

  1. Do they like you?
  2. Do you communicate with them? and
  3. Eventually, does something get done?

If so, they will view you as a great lawyer and they will tell a few friends.  If not, you will be viewed as the worst possible lawyer, and they will tell everyone.

I have told this story to everyone who works at The Nice Law Firm.  First, it is important to be “nice.”  People come to us in times of need, often under a great deal of stress.  We respect and understand their situation and treat them accordingly.

Second, we communicate.  Legal matters can drag on for a long time, but even if nothing is happening on your case, you will hear from us at least monthly.  When things ARE happening quickly, we will do our very best to be accessible to you and well informed on the current status of your file.

Third, we value results.  We want you to achieve the best result possible under your individual circumstances and we want to provide you with that result in the fastest and most economical manner possible.  If we do, we know that you WILL tell a few friends about your experience with The Nice Law Firm, and our phones will continue to ring as they have for the past 25 years.

Finally, this commitment is from the top down.  If you ever have a question or concern that has not been adequately addressed by any member of the Firm, always know that you may contact me directly.  Similarly, when we’ve completed an assignment to your satisfaction, feel free to let me hear about it.  I always enjoy the opportunity to praise our staff and attorneys for a job well done.

– Robert J. Nice, Managing Partner

Another Happy Client

“Our experience with The Nice Law Firm was a positive one. At our consultation we received valuable feedback as to our chances of a positive outcome to our case. We felt Mr. Nice was working behind the scenes and that he kept pushing the momentum along to get to our resolution. He kept track of the details for us and he had an effective way of cutting to the bottom line and getting results. I would highly recommend this law firm to take care of your legal needs.” – Tamara D.



Getting Your Life Back On Track Starts Today

Although there are always a lot of details to address, we will make the process as quick and painless as possible.


Step #1:

Set up your consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.


Step #2:

Retain us to handle your case and provide us with the details of your situation.


Step #3:

Get ready for your situation to be resolved and start living again.

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